Golf Cart Enclosure

Golf Cart Enclosures Explained

Golf Cart Enclosures Explained

What is a golf cart enclosure?

When people think of a golf cart enclosure they often think of a golf cart cover. Although similar they are not the same. A golf cart cover is exclusively for storage thus it’s not meant for the diverse uses found with a golf cart enclosure.

So what is a golf cart enclosure? 

Basic Universal Golf Cart Enclosures (Fitted “Over-the-Top”)

Often when people think of golf cart enclosures, this is the style that first comes to mind. Originally enclosures were essentially rideable golf cart covers. They were designed to be placed over the top of your golf cart and were offered in a limited range of colors. Due to their simple design and materials used they are best suited for short term use.  These enclosures are often faced with issues such as UV fading, moisture seepage, mildew and more.


Depending on your specific needs there is the “wrap” option, which requires minimal installation for the attachment of your enclosures or the “snap” option.


The snap design has an installation method that requires you screwing a set of metal snaps (male side) into your roof support posts, thus allowing you to snap your enclosure into place using the other (female) side of the snaps affixed to your covers.

Hinged Golf Cart Enclosures with Doors

Next up is the hinged golf cart enclosures with doors. These enclosures are a more expensive enclosure option but they deliver better quality materials, more suited for long term use. Having doors on your enclosures makes getting in and out of your golf cart easy and fast. Nobody wants to get stuck in the rain fussing with a zipper system if they can help it.

Track Style Enclosures

Track Enclosures are made to fit carts with a golf bag set up, a rear facing seat or a utility box with no customization. Generally these enclosures fit Club Car, Yamaha, EZGO and more.


While many of the above styles of enclosures have benefits ranging from affordability to durability,  there is only one Superior Enclosure. Our enclosures fall under the track style enclosure category. However, we have reinvented the standard track style enclosure to make it easy to use for anybody. Ours is designed to let you slide and ride at any time without risk of getting caught in the rain or snow.

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