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The Family Golf Cart Enclosure

Protecting Your Family Golf Cart

A family golf cart is much like a family car. You use it to get from A to B, you can get groceries with it, visit family and friends, or just go for a drive. When it storms, either rain or snow, you protect your car by making sure the windows are rolled up, parking in a garage, or placing protection from the snow. You should protect your golf cart just the same! With the Superior Enclosure on your cart you can keep your family dry and keep your cart safe from the elements!

Your family golf cart can last up to


With a cost ranging between $6,000 to $12,00 a golf cart is a family investment that can, and should, last you many many years! Some retailers estimate their carts have the ability to last between 30 and 40 years!

With that much potential for use your investment can see a great many years of trips, grocery stores, friends, and even storms; especially when well cared for. Protect your investment with the SUPERIOR decision.

With features that are geared to ease and comfort it’s no question that the Superior Enclosure will be the perfect enclosure for you and your family.

family golf cart

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