Superior Enclosures

The story behind the genius

Meet Al

Superior Enclosures Inventor

As an active member of not only the Southwest Florida community, but also the golfing community, Al knows and appreciates the joys and woes of golfing and riding in rough or unpredictable weather. After trying many different enclosures that jam, leak, get stuck, or don’t close properly Al decided there had to be a better way! So the Superior Enclosure was born; a perfect “any weather” solution to simply Slide & Ride™!


to perfection.


Now it’s easy to just Slide & Ride™ 

Al has dedicated the last six years to designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing a one-of-a-kind SUPERIOR golf cart enclosure. After wowing at the 2016 PGA show you can expect only the finest in golf cart enclosures. As a locally owned, operated, and manufactured product we pride ourselves on exceptional quality and design for every individual enclosure. And we are proud to offer an easy-to-use and durable weather solution. Experience the ultimate in comfort with our state-of-the-art design. 

Get it now!

Unpredictable weather can really put a damper on your plans, especially outdoor hobbies like golfing, camping, or just cruising around your neighborhood. The ease of use makes the Superior Enclosure the easy choice for anyone! With it’s simple fasteners, quick snaps, smooth gliding tracks, and unique design we have redefined the possibilities for your golf cart.

With protection from wind, rain, sleet, snow, or even the hot summer sun, why wouldn’t you just Slide & Ride™?

Have a modified or custom cart? See our FAQ page for more details on how to get the perfect fit!