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What makes Superior Enclosures different from other golf cart enclosures?

Not only is a Superior Enclosure designed to last for years but it’s also made with revolutionary design features that set it apart from the rest of the industry! Check out our blog to learn more!

What if I don’t know the model and year of my golf cart?​

Not sure of your cart make or model? No problem! Our team is well versed and knowledgeable regarding the many types of golf carts. Feel free to check our blog for some how-to guides for cart models like EZ-GO Cart or Club Cart.

Can I assemble this product myself?​

Absolutely! Each enclosure will be shipped with a detailed and comprehensive instruction manual as well as product/item list to ensure that you have everything you need to install your enclosure yourself. And we have an installation video coming soon!

Does your cover fit any make golf cart?​

At this time the Superior Enclosure is designed to fit most 2 or 4 passenger golf carts available. The enclosure will not fit modified or altered carts. Please contact us to custom build the enclosure of your dreams for any modified carts! 

Where will my Superior Enclosure ship from?​

We are proud to be owned, operated, and manufactured in Fort Myers, Florida and all enclosures will ship from our facility here. 

What are my payment options?​

For your convenience and the security of your information we currently accept Paypal. Paypal works with all major credit cards and banks.

How long until I get confirmation of my order?​​

As soon as you have placed your order you will receive an email confirmation indicating that we have received your order. If you have any questions regarding your order you can always contact our team via email or by calling 239-564-2278.

Do you offer custom colors?​

While custom colors are not offered at this time, we do offer these fantastic color choices from Sunbrella fabrics. Contact our team to learn more.

How long until I receive my order?​

Each Superior Enclosure is custom designed as each order is received. Estimates for delivery will be sent via email when production of your enclosure begins!

I own a fleet of carts, where can I find more information?​

You can find more information about referral programs, bulk purchasing, and much more by going here!

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